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Champion Player

Grade Type 
Match Format 

 PlayerClubMatches Points
1 Rees, DavidWingham Cricket Club419.80
2 Sheather, ZacharyGreat Lakes Cricket Club216.20
3 Rees, TimothyWingham Cricket Club415.60
4 Kelly, TomGloucester District Cricket Association413.80
5 Simpson, LiamGreat Lakes Cricket Club413.80
6 Elliott, DeanGreat Lakes Cricket Club413.40
7 Pinch, MitchellGloucester District Cricket Association412.70
8 Hull, SamGreat Lakes Cricket Club412.60
9 Barkwill, JyeGloucester District Cricket Association412.00
10 Elliott, WillGreat Lakes Cricket Club312.00
11 McDermott, RyanWingham Cricket Club412.00
12 Clarke, HarrisonGloucester District Cricket Association311.60
13 Gregory, AngusTaree West Cricket Club210.20
14 Bestwick, DamienGreat Lakes Cricket Club310.10
15 Pin, AaronTaree United Cricket Club39.20
16 Collier, Matthew JTaree United Cricket Club39.20
17 Gregory OA, LachlanTaree West Cricket Club28.90
18 Cole, BenWingham Cricket Club38.70
19 Hardy, JoshuaTaree United Cricket Club28.70
20 Stinson, MichaelWingham Cricket Club48.40
21 Bourne, LiamTaree West Cricket Club28.00
22 Witts, JacksonTaree United Cricket Club37.80
23 Meldrum, JoshTaree United Cricket Club27.50
24 Cornelius, JonathonGloucester District Cricket Association47.40
25 McCartney, MurrayTaree United Cricket Club37.20
26 Townsend, BrandonGreat Lakes Cricket Club47.20
27 Clark, BlakeGreat Lakes Cricket Club37.10
28 Gregory, WilliamTaree West Cricket Club26.40
29 Blissett, LandonGreat Lakes Cricket Club36.20
30 Cox, PaulTaree West Cricket Club26.00
31 Garland, CooperTaree West Cricket Club25.50
32 Allwood, SteveWingham Cricket Club35.20
33 Campbell, RickyTaree United Cricket Club15.00
34 Bird, HudsonWingham Cricket Club34.90
35 Weeks, LawrenceTaree United Cricket Club34.90
36 Clark, RyanGreat Lakes Cricket Club24.50
37 Scott, DanielTaree West Cricket Club14.50
38 Cross OA, LachlanTaree West Cricket Club14.30
39 Cameron, IanTaree United Cricket Club14.10
40 Monks, LachlanGreat Lakes Cricket Club33.70
41 Webster, DavidGreat Lakes Cricket Club13.50
42 Taylor, AndrewTaree West Cricket Club23.50
43 Stone, DanielTaree United Cricket Club13.40
44 Townsend, DrewGreat Lakes Cricket Club43.20
45 ********Gloucester District Cricket Association43.10
46 Labutis-mays, BrendanWingham Cricket Club43.10
47 Griffin, JacksonTaree United Cricket Club23.00
48 Potts, NathanTaree West Cricket Club23.00
49 Mcdougall, LachlanGloucester District Cricket Association32.70
50 Burley, TomTaree United Cricket Club12.60
51 Higgins, Mathew JGloucester District Cricket Association32.60
52 Morris, RyanWingham Cricket Club32.30
53 Ossedryver, DanGloucester District Cricket Association22.30
54 KUMAR, SatishGreat Lakes Cricket Club12.30
55 Baker, PhilTaree West Cricket Club02.00
56 Singh, HarpreetGreat Lakes Cricket Club11.40
57 May, AllanGreat Lakes Cricket Club21.20
58 McLeod, LukeTaree West Cricket Club21.10
59 Dixon, MatthewTaree West Cricket Club11.10
60 Ireland, JustinTaree United Cricket Club11.00
61 Ferris, JoshTaree United Cricket Club20.80
62 Withers, ZacGreat Lakes Cricket Club10.80
63 Couch, SamTaree United Cricket Club20.50
64 Rees, StevenWingham Cricket Club10.50
65 Rees, JoshuaWingham Cricket Club40.50
66 Woolfe, Jaimee-LeeWingham Cricket Club30.40
67 Campbell, Liam JWingham Cricket Club10.30
68 Mason, JonahGloucester District Cricket Association20.20
69 Cornall, Hayden JGloucester District Cricket Association20.20
70 SUMMERVILLE, LUCASGloucester District Cricket Association40.10
71 Elliott, JoelGreat Lakes Cricket Club10.10
72 Wilson, JoshuaGloucester District Cricket Association 0.00
73 Johnston, Clancy OAGloucester District Cricket Association20.00
74 Wamsley, KennethGloucester District Cricket Association10.00
75 Tracey, DanielGloucester District Cricket Association10.00
76 Turner, MichaelTaree United Cricket Club10.00
77 Smoothy, RyanWingham Cricket Club10.00
78 Whittaker, AdamWingham Cricket Club10.00
79 Isaacs, GeoffGreat Lakes Cricket Club00.00
80 Cross, GordonTaree United Cricket Club10.00
81 Kennewell, MattTaree United Cricket Club00.00
82 Ballard, NathanTaree United Cricket Club00.00
83 Boyd, JustinTaree United Cricket Club00.00
84 Hartland, JamieTaree United Cricket Club00.00
85 Riley, DomonicTaree United Cricket Club00.00
86 Radford, Brett GGloucester District Cricket Association10.00
87 Griffin, RyanTaree United Cricket Club10.00
88 Woolnough, JosiahTaree West Cricket Club10.00
89 Pocock-Scott OA, ConnorTaree West Cricket Club 0.00
90 Harry, WadeTaree United Cricket Club00.00
91 Thapa Magar, IshanGreat Lakes Cricket Club10.00
92 Mitchell, SamiraTaree West Cricket Club 0.00
93 Hingorani, NitinWingham Cricket Club 0.00
94 Mills, TonyTaree United Cricket Club10.00
95 Thomas, CameronTaree West Cricket Club00.00
96 Reynolds, BenjaminGloucester District Cricket Association10.00
97 Simon, JaeTaree West Cricket Club20.00
98 Goss, JohnWingham Cricket Club10.00
99 Clark, BenjaminGreat Lakes Cricket Club00.00
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Points allocation
Runs 0.10 Catches 1.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 1.00 Assisted Wickets 1.00
Unassisted Runouts 0.00 Assisted Runouts 0.00
100s 0.00 50s 0.00
Stumpings 1.00 5 wkts in Innings 0.00
Not outs 0.00