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Matches Played

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2nd Grade
3rd Grade
1 Balaam, DavidGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
2 Rosenbaum, Paul DGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
3 Ballard, NathanUnited Cricket Club10
4 Bowkett, Samuel DGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
5 Mays, BrendanTaree West Cricket Club10
6 Robinson, Graham CGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
7 Cross, GordonUnited Cricket Club01
8 Kennewell, MattUnited Cricket Club10
9 Cross, Zachary GUnited Cricket Club01
10 Fuller, DerekTaree West Cricket Club01
11 Rees, TimothyWingham Cricket Club10
12 Taylor, JonathanUnited Cricket Club01
13 Murray, AaronUnited Cricket Club01
14 Fryer, DanielGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
15 Fryer, NathanGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
16 May, AllanGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
17 hull, samGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
18 Lewis, AdamGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
19 Lewis, CraigGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
20 Grant, BradUnited Cricket Club10
21 McLeod, LukeTaree West Cricket Club01
22 Muldoon, DennisUnited Cricket Club10
23 Nash, ShaneOld Bar Cricket Club01
24 Cameron, IanUnited Cricket Club01
25 Handsaker, MitchellOld Bar Cricket Club01
26 Meldrum, ScottTaree West Cricket Club10
27 Saxby, FaronWingham Cricket Club01
28 Fuller, ShaunTaree West Cricket Club01
29 Waugh, JamieOld Bar Cricket Club00
30 Stace, JadeWingham Cricket Club01
31 Griffin, RyanUnited Cricket Club01
32 Ellis, RodneyTaree West Cricket Club10
33 Riley, DomonicUnited Cricket Club10
34 Ball, KrisTaree West Cricket Club10
35 McLeod, AdamTaree West Cricket Club01
36 Mitchell, BradTaree West Cricket Club10
37 Bird, HudsonWingham Cricket Club10
38 George, StephenTaree West Cricket Club10
39 McPherson, RobertOld Bar Cricket Club00
40 Mullen, JakeWingham Cricket Club10
41 Morris, RyanWingham Cricket Club10
42 Armstrong, CoreyWingham Cricket Club10
43 McBride, JamesGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
44 Bestwick, DamienGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
45 Thies, CameronGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
46 Elliott, JoelUnited Cricket Club10
47 Simpson, LiamGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
48 Blissett, LandonGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
49 Black, JacobUnited Cricket Club10
50 Nash-UA, JacobOld Bar Cricket Club01
51 Pin, AaronUnited Cricket Club10
52 McLeod-Hemsworth, MarcusTaree West Cricket Club01
53 Moore, DamienOld Bar Cricket Club01
54 Johnson, DarrylWingham Cricket Club01
55 Johnston, ClancyWingham Cricket Club01
56 McTaggart, Joshua JWingham Cricket Club10
57 Niven, MitchellWingham Cricket Club10
58 Grant, HarryUnited Cricket Club10
59 Lewis, CooperWingham Cricket Club01
60 Manny, ShaneTaree West Cricket Club10
61 Allwood, SteveWingham Cricket Club10
62 Howard, JackGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
63 Martin, ThomasWingham Cricket Club01
64 Sky, BlakeWingham Cricket Club10
65 Hynes, RobbieWingham Cricket Club10
66 Gardner, JackUnited Cricket Club10
67 Ahmed, JamilTaree West Cricket Club10
68 Brown, LachlanTaree West Cricket Club01
69 Thompson, BlakeWingham Cricket Club01
70 Polley, TobiWingham Cricket Club10
71 Townsend, DrewGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
72 Thomas, AlanGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
73 Moriarty, NaydenTaree West Cricket Club10
74 Jones, JoshuaTaree West Cricket Club10
75 Ashe, HaydenOld Bar Cricket Club00
76 Berry, RobertUnited Cricket Club01
77 Middlebrook, KennethUnited Cricket Club01
78 turner, iszacOld Bar Cricket Club00
79 Jackson, JakeOld Bar Cricket Club00
80 Greenaway, JordanOld Bar Cricket Club00
81 Baker, DerekOld Bar Cricket Club00
82 Loretan, BrookUnited Cricket Club01
83 Adams, Michael JGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
84 McLeod, LynkTaree West Cricket Club01
85 McLeod, TajTaree West Cricket Club01
86 Mitchell, JayWingham Cricket Club01
87 McCartney, MurrayUnited Cricket Club10
88 Lumley, WilliamGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
89 Whittaker, AdamOld Bar Cricket Club01
90 Strong, SebastianGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
91 West, GaryOld Bar Cricket Club01
92 Galbraith, JackGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
93 Pocock-Scott, ConnorTaree West Cricket Club01
94 Lumley, NickGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
95 Dawson, ShaunWingham Cricket Club01
96 clark, mitchTaree West Cricket Club01
97 Nash, EllaOld Bar Cricket Club01
98 Abbott, David AWingham Cricket Club01
99 Medcalf, TroyTaree West Cricket Club01
100 O'Brien, SamOld Bar Cricket Club00
101 Scott, DanielTaree West Cricket Club01
102 Thomas, AlexanderGreat Lakes Cricket Club00
103 Angus, HarperOld Bar Cricket Club00
104 Paterson, ScottOld Bar Cricket Club01
105 Hingorani, NitinTaree West Cricket Club10
106 Billingsly, AaronOld Bar Cricket Club00
107 Finch, KademOld Bar Cricket Club00
108 Clark, StevenOld Bar Cricket Club01
109 McNaught, Gavin COld Bar Cricket Club01
110 Mills, TonyUnited Cricket Club01
111 Fowles, KurtWingham Cricket Club01
112 Northey-Wodwell, JacobUnited Cricket Club01
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