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Matches Played

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Tier 1
Tier 2
1 Balaam, DavidPacific Palms Cricket Club01
2 Cameron, MatthewOld Bar Cricket Club01
3 Collier, Matthew JTaree United Cricket Club20
4 Marchmont, RobertBulahdelah Cricket Club01
5 Ossedryver, DanGloucester District Cricket Association20
6 Kleindeinst, JyeWingham Cricket Club02
7 Harper, CoreyOld Bar Cricket Club01
8 Cross, GordonTaree United Cricket Club11
9 Kennewell, MattTaree United Cricket Club10
10 Reed, BeauWingham Cricket Club02
11 Stinson, MichaelWingham Cricket Club20
12 Campbell, Liam JWingham Cricket Club01
13 Rees, StevenWingham Cricket Club02
14 Rees, TimothyWingham Cricket Club20
15 Taylor, JonathanTaree United Cricket Club01
16 Dack, JeremyTaree West Cricket Club01
17 May, AllanGreat Lakes Cricket Club02
18 Hull, SamGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
19 allan, samPacific Palms Cricket Club01
20 McLeod, LukeTaree West Cricket Club11
21 Green, KieranOld Bar Cricket Club01
22 Metcalfe, RossBulahdelah Cricket Club02
23 Weeks, LawrenceTaree United Cricket Club20
24 Cole, BenWingham Cricket Club20
25 Hollis, ChrisOld Bar Cricket Club01
26 Elliott, DeanGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
27 Meldrum, JoshTaree United Cricket Club10
28 Witts, JacksonTaree United Cricket Club20
29 Campbell, RickyTaree United Cricket Club10
30 Sowter, RichardWingham Cricket Club02
31 Sheather, ZacharyGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
32 Radford, Brett GGloucester District Cricket Association10
33 Rees, DavidWingham Cricket Club10
34 Kelly, TomGloucester District Cricket Association10
35 Fuller, ShaunTaree West Cricket Club01
36 Urquhart, AdamOld Bar Cricket Club01
37 Williams, BradOld Bar Cricket Club01
38 Stace, JadeWingham Cricket Club02
39 Stace, LeonWingham Cricket Club01
40 Dixon, MatthewTaree West Cricket Club10
41 Ferris, JoshTaree United Cricket Club20
42 Dachs , MichaelOld Bar Cricket Club01
43 McLeod, AdamTaree West Cricket Club02
44 Hardy, JoshuaTaree United Cricket Club20
45 Bird, HudsonWingham Cricket Club20
46 McPherson, RobertOld Bar Cricket Club01
47 Couch, SamTaree United Cricket Club20
48 Barkwill, JyeGloucester District Cricket Association20
49 Morris, RyanWingham Cricket Club10
50 Burley, TomTaree United Cricket Club20
51 Bestwick, DamienGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
52 Thies, CameronGreat Lakes Cricket Club01
53 Thies, LachlanPacific Palms Cricket Club01
54 Whitbread, ThomasGreat Lakes Cricket Club01
55 Simpson, LiamGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
56 Blissett, LandonGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
57 Coleman, BevanTaree United Cricket Club01
58 Clark, BlakeGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
59 Attenborough, DeclanOld Bar Cricket Club01
60 Strathdee, PatrickOld Bar Cricket Club01
61 Pin, AaronTaree United Cricket Club20
62 Smith, NathanWingham Cricket Club02
63 Wamsley, KennethGloucester District Cricket Association10
64 McSkimming, KeirOld Bar Cricket Club01
65 eggins, simonOld Bar Cricket Club02
66 Strathdee, DylanOld Bar Cricket Club01
67 Mitchell, DylanWingham Cricket Club02
68 Allwood, SteveWingham Cricket Club20
69 Martin, ThomasWingham Cricket Club01
70 Wilson, JoshuaGloucester District Cricket Association10
71 Clarke, HarrisonGloucester District Cricket Association10
72 Pinch, MitchellGloucester District Cricket Association20
73 Smoothy, RyanWingham Cricket Club10
74 Townsend, BrandonGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
75 Townsend, DrewGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
76 Harris, ToddBulahdelah Cricket Club02
77 Smith, JacobTaree United Cricket Club01
78 Cornelius, JonathonGloucester District Cricket Association20
79 Taylor, CallumTaree United Cricket Club01
80 Thomson, David SGreat Lakes Cricket Club02
81 Elliott, WillGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
82 Whittaker, SophieWingham Cricket Club01
83 Adams, Michael JGreat Lakes Cricket Club01
84 Ferguson, SamuelTaree United Cricket Club01
85 eggins, joshuaOld Bar Cricket Club02
86 Eggins, SamuelOld Bar Cricket Club02
87 Cross OA, LachlanTaree West Cricket Club10
88 Gosper, DrewWingham Cricket Club02
89 Barry, JacksonWingham Cricket Club02
90 Aurisch, BenjaminGreat Lakes Cricket Club01
91 McLeod OA, LynkTaree West Cricket Club02
92 Smith, JoshuaTaree West Cricket Club02
93 Gregory OA, LachlanTaree West Cricket Club10
94 Mitchell, JasimTaree West Cricket Club02
95 Mitchell, JayWingham Cricket Club01
96 McCartney, MurrayTaree United Cricket Club20
97 Grimshaw, CalebPacific Palms Cricket Club01
98 Matheson, BlakeBulahdelah Cricket Club02
99 Matheson, CharlieBulahdelah Cricket Club02
100 Pringle, Zane PBulahdelah Cricket Club02
101 Garland, CooperTaree West Cricket Club10
102 Gregory, WilliamTaree West Cricket Club10
103 Bourne, LiamTaree West Cricket Club10
104 Ford, DanielOld Bar Cricket Club01
105 Whittaker, AdamWingham Cricket Club11
106 Shepherd, JackWingham Cricket Club01
107 Woolfe, Jaimee-LeeWingham Cricket Club20
108 Strong, SebastianGreat Lakes Cricket Club02
109 Montague, NickPacific Palms Cricket Club01
110 Davis, KelvinOld Bar Cricket Club02
111 Holden, ReeceWingham Cricket Club02
112 West, GarryOld Bar Cricket Club02
113 Pocock-Scott OA, ConnorTaree West Cricket Club10
114 Monks, LachlanGreat Lakes Cricket Club10
115 Smith, ChrisTaree West Cricket Club02
116 Singh, HarpreetGreat Lakes Cricket Club02
117 Fletcher, NathanBulahdelah Cricket Club01
118 Fletcher, ZacBulahdelah Cricket Club01
119 Matheson, GeoffBulahdelah Cricket Club02
120 Thomson, WayneBulahdelah Cricket Club01
121 Dawson, LachlanWingham Cricket Club02
122 Dawson, ShaunWingham Cricket Club02
123 Morante, GlenBulahdelah Cricket Club02
124 Griffin, JacksonTaree United Cricket Club11
125 Abbott, AngusWingham Cricket Club02
126 Abbott, David AWingham Cricket Club02
127 Mason, JonahGloucester District Cricket Association20
128 Cox, PaulTaree West Cricket Club10
129 SUMMERVILLE, LUCASGloucester District Cricket Association20
130 Irvine, Daryl JWingham Cricket Club01
131 O'Brien, SamOld Bar Cricket Club01
132 Scott, DanielTaree West Cricket Club10
133 Gregory, StephenTaree West Cricket Club01
134 Thapa Magar, IshanGreat Lakes Cricket Club11
135 Mitchell, SamiraTaree West Cricket Club11
136 Barry, JohnBulahdelah Cricket Club02
137 Paterson, ScottOld Bar Cricket Club02
138 Hingorani, NitinWingham Cricket Club11
139 Jackson, TomOld Bar Cricket Club01
140 Clark, StevenWingham Cricket Club02
141 Teja, NikhilWingham Cricket Club02
142 Mills, TonyTaree United Cricket Club11
143 Keen, LachlanOld Bar Cricket Club01
144 ********Gloucester District Cricket Association20
145 Wadwell, DylanTaree United Cricket Club01
146 Paterson, Christian ROld Bar Cricket Club02
147 Webster, DavidGreat Lakes Cricket Club02
148 Chapman, WarrickGreat Lakes Cricket Club01
149 Dack, andrewTaree West Cricket Club02
150 McDermott, RyanWingham Cricket Club20
151 Gibbin, AlfieOld Bar Cricket Club01
152 Bramston, CooperBulahdelah Cricket Club02
153 Allan, LeoTaree West Cricket Club02
154 Perrin, ChristopherGreat Lakes Cricket Club02
155 Labutis-mays, BrendanWingham Cricket Club20
156 Miller, SimonPacific Palms Cricket Club01
157 Mcdougall, LachlanGloucester District Cricket Association10
158 Smythe, JasonGreat Lakes Cricket Club01
159 KUMAR, SatishGreat Lakes Cricket Club01
160 TAYA, SawanGreat Lakes Cricket Club02
161 Gray, StuartPacific Palms Cricket Club01
162 Jones, BenPacific Palms Cricket Club01
163 Matheson, NoelBulahdelah Cricket Club02
164 mitchell, craigTaree West Cricket Club02
165 Eggins, JesseOld Bar Cricket Club01
166 Rees, JoshuaWingham Cricket Club10
167 Marron OA, WilliamGreat Lakes Cricket Club01
168 Harper OA, WilliamOld Bar Cricket Club01
169 Harper, NicholasOld Bar Cricket Club01
170 Reynolds, BenjaminGloucester District Cricket Association20
171 Kidd, JacobOld Bar Cricket Club01
172 Witchard, BenjaminOld Bar Cricket Club02
173 Dyktynski, SamuelPacific Palms Cricket Club01
174 Carney, BenTaree United Cricket Club01
175 Bartlett, PaulGreat Lakes Cricket Club01
176 handsaker, mitchellWingham Cricket Club02
177 Mohammed, UmarkhanTaree United Cricket Club01
178 Smith, ConorTaree United Cricket Club01
179 Stone, MarkTaree West Cricket Club01
180 Hamilton, BrodanOld Bar Cricket Club01
181 Nahow, FrancisOld Bar Cricket Club01
182 Jackson, JakeOld Bar Cricket Club01
183 Bradford, JakeOld Bar Cricket Club01
184 Adams, MatthewOld Bar Cricket Club02
185 Urquhart, Tiffany LOld Bar Cricket Club01
186 Hamilton, WilOld Bar Cricket Club01
187 Woods, HarleyPacific Palms Cricket Club01
188 Tisdell, BruwynWingham Cricket Club01
189 Renouf, Nathan JPacific Palms Cricket Club01
190 Yarnold, MalcolmTaree West Cricket Club02
191 Cornall, Hayden JGloucester District Cricket Association10
192 Beacham, NickWingham Cricket Club02
193 Norrie, BenOld Bar Cricket Club01
194 Searle, DanielPacific Palms Cricket Club01
195 Thomas, CameronTaree West Cricket Club10
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.