Hall of Fame - Batting | Manning River District Cricket Association
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
113690439115128953145385136*Harrison ClarkeGloucester Bushmen2019/20202nd Grade2 1Great Lakes CC
213269018315147833145409132JJ BurtonTaree West2019/20202nd Grade10 1Wingham
3997616341513901314540099*Ryan ClarkGreat Lakes CC2019/20202nd Grade7 1Gloucester Bushmen
4856804681513901314540385Sam HullGreat Lakes CC2019/20202nd Grade8 1Wingham
5807399131514783314538480Shaun CarrTaree West2019/20202nd Grade2 1Old Bar
6787399131514783314540778Shaun CarrTaree West2019/20202nd Grade9 1Gloucester Bushmen
7728304631514992314539072*Mitchell NivenWingham2019/20202nd Grade4 1Old Bar
8679043911512895314540767Harrison ClarkeGloucester Bushmen2019/20202nd Grade9 1Taree West
9658025141513901314538565Liam SimpsonGreat Lakes CC2019/20202nd Grade2 1Gloucester Bushmen
10628304631514992314540962Mitchell NivenWingham2019/20202nd Grade10 1Taree West
11607616341513901314538560Ryan ClarkGreat Lakes CC2019/20202nd Grade2 1Gloucester Bushmen
12551826541512895314538555*Ben PhillpottGloucester Bushmen2019/20202nd Grade2 1Great Lakes CC
135513243091512895314539255Johny CorneliusGloucester Bushmen2019/20202nd Grade4 1Taree West
14517506961514992314540351Craig WatsonWingham2019/20202nd Grade8 1Great Lakes CC
155013243091512895314540250Johny CorneliusGloucester Bushmen2019/20202nd Grade8 1Old Bar
16507315811514415314538750*Tom KellyOld Bar2019/20202nd Grade3 1Gloucester Bushmen
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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