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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
110276118815328953467866102*Jye BarkwillGloucester2020/20212nd Grade8 1Wingham
29420676731533901346785594Benjamin ClarkGreat Lakes2020/20212nd Grade5 1Taree United
3797616341533901346786879Ryan ClarkGreat Lakes2020/20212nd Grade9 1Gloucester
47411982241532895346785874*Mathew J HigginsGloucester2020/20212nd Grade6 1Taree United
5746804681533901346786274*Sam HullGreat Lakes2020/20212nd Grade7 1Taree West
6638009641532895346784863Adam CameronGloucester2020/20212nd Grade2 1Old Bar
760121560315328319346785260Murray McCartneyTaree United2020/20212nd Grade4 1Old Bar
8588018931534415346784858Luke EarleyOld Bar2020/20212nd Grade2 1Gloucester
9588098481533901346784458*Blake ClarkGreat Lakes2020/20212nd Grade1 1Wingham
105615109621534783346785456*Paul CoxTaree West2020/20212nd Grade4 1Wingham
11557315811534415346786355*Tom KellyOld Bar2020/20212nd Grade7 1Gloucester
125420676731533901346789054Benjamin ClarkGreat Lakes2020/20212nd GradePF 1Old Bar
135071880515328319346787350*Ricky Campbell RTaree United2020/20212nd Grade11 1Gloucester
14507611931532895346786650Ryan YatesGloucester2020/20212nd Grade8 1Wingham
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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