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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Cornelius, JonathonGloucester District Cricket Association570001
2 Cole, BenWingham Cricket Club561011
3 Meldrum, JoshTaree United Cricket Club460000
4 Hull, SamGreat Lakes Cricket Club650000
5 Gregory, AngusTaree West Cricket Club450000
6 Blissett, LandonGreat Lakes Cricket Club540000
7 Scott, DanielTaree West Cricket Club340000
8 Gregory, WilliamTaree West Cricket Club540000
9 Witts, JacksonTaree United Cricket Club530000
10 Collier, Matthew JTaree United Cricket Club530000
11 Cameron, IanTaree United Cricket Club230000
12 Stinson, MichaelWingham Cricket Club630000
13 Burley, TomTaree United Cricket Club330000
14 Rees, DavidWingham Cricket Club520000
15 Simpson, LiamGreat Lakes Cricket Club620010
16 Townsend, BrandonGreat Lakes Cricket Club620000
17 Kelly, TomGloucester District Cricket Association420000
18 Bourne, LiamTaree West Cricket Club520000
19 Pinch, MitchellGloucester District Cricket Association520000
20 Elliott, WillGreat Lakes Cricket Club520000
21 Gregory OA, LachlanTaree West Cricket Club520000
22 Elliott, DeanGreat Lakes Cricket Club620000
23 Hardy, JoshuaTaree United Cricket Club320000
24 Pin, AaronTaree United Cricket Club522100
25 Allwood, SteveWingham Cricket Club520000
26 Cox, PaulTaree West Cricket Club520000
27 ********Gloucester District Cricket Association520000
28 Rees, TimothyWingham Cricket Club620001
29 Morris, RyanWingham Cricket Club420000
30 McCartney, MurrayTaree United Cricket Club520100
31 Webster, DavidGreat Lakes Cricket Club210000
32 Stone, DanielTaree United Cricket Club110000
33 Townsend, DrewGreat Lakes Cricket Club610000
34 KUMAR, SatishGreat Lakes Cricket Club110000
35 Reynolds, BenjaminGloucester District Cricket Association210000
36 Ireland, JustinTaree United Cricket Club110000
37 Dixon, MatthewTaree West Cricket Club410000
38 Bestwick, DamienGreat Lakes Cricket Club510000
39 Clark, BlakeGreat Lakes Cricket Club510000
40 Monks, LachlanGreat Lakes Cricket Club514000
41 Mason, JonahGloucester District Cricket Association310000
42 Rees, JoshuaWingham Cricket Club410000
43 May, AllanGreat Lakes Cricket Club210000
44 Whittaker, AdamWingham Cricket Club210000
45 Beacham, NickWingham Cricket Club110000
46 Ossedryver, DanGloucester District Cricket Association310000
47 Campbell, RickyTaree United Cricket Club310000
48 Isaacs, GeoffGreat Lakes Cricket Club000000
49 Bird, HudsonWingham Cricket Club501010
50 Taylor, AndrewTaree West Cricket Club200000
51 garland, matthewTaree West Cricket Club100000
52 Wilson, JoshuaGloucester District Cricket Association100000
53 Campbell, Liam JWingham Cricket Club100000
54 Boyd, JustinTaree United Cricket Club000000
55 Withers, ZacGreat Lakes Cricket Club100000
56 Garland, CooperTaree West Cricket Club502200
57 Pocock-Scott OA, ConnorTaree West Cricket Club100000
58 Simon, JaeTaree West Cricket Club200000
59 Goss, JohnWingham Cricket Club100000
60 Ballard, NathanTaree United Cricket Club000000
61 Radford, Brett GGloucester District Cricket Association200000
62 Turner, MichaelTaree United Cricket Club100000
63 Thomas, CameronTaree West Cricket Club200000
64 Rees, StevenWingham Cricket Club200000
65 Tracey, DanielGloucester District Cricket Association100000
66 Clarke, HarrisonGloucester District Cricket Association404100
67 Mcdougall, LachlanGloucester District Cricket Association400000
68 Clark, BenjaminGreat Lakes Cricket Club000000
69 Hartland, JamieTaree United Cricket Club000000
70 Sheather, ZacharyGreat Lakes Cricket Club300000
71 Couch, SamTaree United Cricket Club400000
72 Barkwill, JyeGloucester District Cricket Association500000
73 Elliott, JoelGreat Lakes Cricket Club100000
74 Smoothy, RyanWingham Cricket Club200000
75 Woolnough, JosiahTaree West Cricket Club100000
76 Thapa Magar, IshanGreat Lakes Cricket Club100000
77 Mitchell, SamiraTaree West Cricket Club100000
78 Labutis-mays, BrendanWingham Cricket Club500000
79 Weeks, LawrenceTaree United Cricket Club500000
80 Griffin, RyanTaree United Cricket Club100000
81 Ferris, JoshTaree United Cricket Club400000
82 Riley, DomonicTaree United Cricket Club000000
83 Clark, RyanGreat Lakes Cricket Club400000
84 Johnston, Clancy OAGloucester District Cricket Association200000
85 Wamsley, KennethGloucester District Cricket Association100000
86 Baker, PhilTaree West Cricket Club000000
87 Singh, HarpreetGreat Lakes Cricket Club100000
88 Griffin, JacksonTaree United Cricket Club200000
89 McDermott, RyanWingham Cricket Club600000
90 Potts, NathanTaree West Cricket Club400000
91 Higgins, Mathew JGloucester District Cricket Association300000
92 Woolfe, Jaimee-LeeWingham Cricket Club500000
93 Hingorani, NitinWingham Cricket Club100000
94 Mills, TonyTaree United Cricket Club100000
95 Harry, WadeTaree United Cricket Club000000
96 Cornall, Hayden JGloucester District Cricket Association200000
97 Cross, GordonTaree United Cricket Club100000
98 Kennewell, MattTaree United Cricket Club200000
99 McLeod, LukeTaree West Cricket Club300000
100 Cross OA, LachlanTaree West Cricket Club400000
101 SUMMERVILLE, LUCASGloucester District Cricket Association500000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.