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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Riley, DomonicUnited Cricket Club14110000
2 Boyd, JustinUnited Cricket Club1790000
3 Bowkett, Samuel DGreat Lakes Cricket Club1180010
4 Clarke, MichaelHallidays Point Cricket Club1480000
5 Dack, JacobTaree West Cricket Club1370010
6 Harper, CoreyOld Bar Cricket Club760000
7 Niven, LeighWingham Cricket Club1160000
8 Boyd, MarkUnited Cricket Club1260000
9 Pin, AaronUnited Cricket Club1661010
10 Smith, DennisWingham Cricket Club1260000
11 Avery, WilliamUnited Cricket Club1550000
12 Lewis, CraigGreat Lakes Cricket Club1552010
13 Weeks, LawrenceUnited Cricket Club1850000
14 Cameron, IanUnited Cricket Club1850011
15 Kelly, TomOld Bar Cricket Club1550010
16 Lewis, AdamGreat Lakes Cricket Club1250011
17 McLeod, LukeTaree West Cricket Club850000
18 Morris, RyanWingham Cricket Club1450000
19 Mullen, JakeWingham Cricket Club1540001
20 Strathdee, DylanOld Bar Cricket Club840011
21 Scott, DanielTaree West Cricket Club940000
22 Budden, Adam JROld Bar Cricket Club940000
23 Polley, TobiWingham Cricket Club840000
24 Bestwick, DamienGreat Lakes Cricket Club1440000
25 Smoothy, RyanWingham Cricket Club940000
26 Barber, DanielHallidays Point Cricket Club740000
27 Kennewell, MattUnited Cricket Club1040001
28 Sky, BlakeWingham Cricket Club1440000
29 Whittaker, AdamOld Bar Cricket Club1041011
30 Clark, WillGreat Lakes Cricket Club1141001
31 Plummer, NathanTaree West Cricket Club730010
32 Bird, HudsonWingham Cricket Club1332001
33 Savage, GabeHallidays Point Cricket Club1530000
34 Stone, DanielUnited Cricket Club430000
35 Black, JacobHallidays Point Cricket Club1430010
36 Balaam, DavidGreat Lakes Cricket Club1030000
37 Reed, BeauWingham Cricket Club330000
38 Thompson, BlakeWingham Cricket Club630000
39 Ball, KrisTaree West Cricket Club730000
40 Bridge, TimWingham Cricket Club1130000
41 medcalf, troyTaree West Cricket Club130000
42 Cowan, ColUnited Cricket Club1130000
43 McBride, JamesGreat Lakes Cricket Club730000
44 Strathdee, PatrickOld Bar Cricket Club1530000
45 Gregory, AngusTaree West Cricket Club1030020
46 Butler, NathanWingham Cricket Club320000
47 Whitbread, ThomasGreat Lakes Cricket Club1220000
48 Dack, AndrewTaree West Cricket Club1020000
49 Ahmed, JamilTaree West Cricket Club720000
50 Martin, Adam GUnited Cricket Club1420000
51 Baker, DerekOld Bar Cricket Club220000
52 Handono, AnitaTaree West Cricket Club520000
53 Hynes, RobbieWingham Cricket Club920000
54 Gardner, JackHallidays Point Cricket Club520000
55 Galbraith, JackGreat Lakes Cricket Club420000
56 Pocock-Scott, ConnorTaree West Cricket Club620000
57 Kippax, AshleyOld Bar Cricket Club420000
58 Turner, PatrickOld Bar Cricket Club920000
59 George, StephenTaree West Cricket Club422000
60 Blissett, Lleyton HGreat Lakes Cricket Club1120001
61 Gutterson, MarkUnited Cricket Club1526300
62 Manny, ShaneTaree West Cricket Club620000
63 Adams, Michael JGreat Lakes Cricket Club1020000
64 Minett, DamonOld Bar Cricket Club1121011
65 Brown, LachlanTaree West Cricket Club520000
66 Eggins, RichardOld Bar Cricket Club1310001
67 Simpson, LiamGreat Lakes Cricket Club310000
68 Murray, AaronUnited Cricket Club310000
69 Green, KieranOld Bar Cricket Club810020
70 Mudford, SamTaree West Cricket Club210000
71 Kleindeinst, JyeWingham Cricket Club1415000
72 Dack, JeremyTaree West Cricket Club110000
73 Avery, ThomasUnited Cricket Club110000
74 Muldoon, DennisUnited Cricket Club310000
75 clark, mitchTaree West Cricket Club110000
76 Wojcikewycz, BradHallidays Point Cricket Club1210000
77 Willows, AdamOld Bar Cricket Club1310000
78 Nash, ShaneOld Bar Cricket Club1311000
79 Walton, JarradHallidays Point Cricket Club810000
80 gregory, steveTaree West Cricket Club110000
81 Grant, KarenHallidays Point Cricket Club410000
82 Ellis, RodneyTaree West Cricket Club210010
83 Elliott, JoelHallidays Point Cricket Club1410000
84 Eggins, SimonOld Bar Cricket Club810000
85 Moriarty, NaydenTaree West Cricket Club610020
86 Woolnough, JosiahTaree West Cricket Club610000
87 Mills, LukeTaree West Cricket Club110000
88 Moore, DamienOld Bar Cricket Club14110700
89 Clough, SaulHallidays Point Cricket Club510000
90 Rosenbaum, Paul DGreat Lakes Cricket Club910000
91 Paff, JonathonTaree West Cricket Club410000
92 Kleindeinst, RhyceWingham Cricket Club910010
93 McTaggart, Joshua JWingham Cricket Club310002
94 murray, joelTaree West Cricket Club110000
95 Quinn, JustinHallidays Point Cricket Club1110000
96 Fryer, DanielGreat Lakes Cricket Club1010000
97 Phillips, jamesOld Bar Cricket Club310000
98 Geer, JarradHallidays Point Cricket Club110000
99 McCartney, MurrayUnited Cricket Club510000
100 Hollis, ChrisTaree West Cricket Club100000
101 Nash-UA, JacobOld Bar Cricket Club000000
102 Cornish, JakeOld Bar Cricket Club100000
103 Grant, HarryHallidays Point Cricket Club1000010
104 Doyle, TimHallidays Point Cricket Club200000
105 Geer, AndrewHallidays Point Cricket Club100000
106 Freeman, ThomasHallidays Point Cricket Club200000
107 Shelton, JesseUnited Cricket Club1100000
108 West, GaryUnited Cricket Club700000
109 Young, BryceHallidays Point Cricket Club100000
110 Levi, BrianTaree West Cricket Club100000
111 Aldridge, DanielHallidays Point Cricket Club200000
112 Mitchell, BradTaree West Cricket Club400000
113 Jackson, JakeOld Bar Cricket Club100000
114 Guppy, BrodieWingham Cricket Club200010
115 Gardner, NedHallidays Point Cricket Club100000
116 Watson, AaronOld Bar Cricket Club100000
117 Grant, BradHallidays Point Cricket Club1401121
118 Clarke, JordanHallidays Point Cricket Club1100000
119 Riddell, JasonTaree West Cricket Club000000
120 Moriarty, TyroamTaree West Cricket Club503000
121 Turner, MichaelUnited Cricket Club100000
122 Shamin, DanishOld Bar Cricket Club800000
123 May, AllanGreat Lakes Cricket Club600000
124 Elliott, MaxHallidays Point Cricket Club1000000
125 Orchard, ScottGreat Lakes Cricket Club705200
126 McSkimming, KeirOld Bar Cricket Club100000
127 Allwood, SteveWingham Cricket Club400000
128 Bird, BruceWingham Cricket Club1200000
129 turner, iszacUnited Cricket Club100000
130 Gregory, LachlanTaree West Cricket Club200000
131 Mountney, JohnOld Bar Cricket Club100000
132 Johnson, Nathan NTaree West Cricket Club400000
133 Smoothy, WayneWingham Cricket Club100000
134 Stace, JadeWingham Cricket Club100000
135 Dixon, MatthewTaree West Cricket Club400000
136 Polson, HughTaree West Cricket Club200000
137 Couch, SamUnited Cricket Club100000
138 Taylor, JonathanUnited Cricket Club100000
139 Fryer, NathanGreat Lakes Cricket Club13011100
140 Gilbert, paulTaree West Cricket Club100000
141 Withers, ZacGreat Lakes Cricket Club400000
142 McLeod, PaulTaree West Cricket Club100000
143 Coleman, BevanUnited Cricket Club100000
144 Bishop, ScottWingham Cricket Club100000
145 Dowse, JacksonGreat Lakes Cricket Club100000
146 Martyn, AdrianGreat Lakes Cricket Club300000
147 McLeod, LynkTaree West Cricket Club101000
148 Bourne, LiamTaree West Cricket Club100000
149 Sullivan, JakeTaree West Cricket Club200000
150 McWilliams, Warren LHallidays Point Cricket Club400000
151 Harper, AngusOld Bar Cricket Club100000
152 Taylor, ShaunOld Bar Cricket Club100000
153 Bowen, HenryTaree West Cricket Club100000
154 McLeod, AdamTaree West Cricket Club000000
155 Meaker, RonanWingham Cricket Club200000
156 Temple, HarrisonHallidays Point Cricket Club100000
157 Johnston, ClancyWingham Cricket Club100000
158 Strathdee, BrockOld Bar Cricket Club100000
159 Howard, JackGreat Lakes Cricket Club200000
160 Martin, ThomasWingham Cricket Club100000
161 Jones, JoshuaTaree West Cricket Club400210
162 ONeill, LiamWingham Cricket Club12013420
163 KHIYANI, AMEEN STaree West Cricket Club100000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.