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Batting Partnerships

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181 Faron Saxby - Steven Campbell Wingham Cricket Club3rd Grade8 1 Wingham White
2140 Luke McLeod - Angus Gregory Taree West Cricket Club3rd Grade4 1 Wingham Blue
3114 Ryan Clark - Liam Simpson Great Lakes Cricket Club2nd Grade2 1 Gloucester Bushmen
476 Glen Harris - Beau Reed Wingham Cricket Club3rd Grade7 1 United
476 JJ Burton - Shaun Carr Taree West Cricket Club2nd Grade9 1 Gloucester Bushmen
587 Beau Reed - Jade Stace Wingham Cricket Club3rd Grade9 1 Old Bar
669 Nathan Smith - Dylan Mitchell Wingham Cricket Club3rd Grade9 1 Taree West
669 Adam Lewis - Blake Clark Great Lakes Cricket Club2nd Grade2 1 Gloucester Bushmen
789 Bevan Coleman - Ryan Griffin United Cricket Club3rd Grade2 1 Great Lakes
872 Ben Reynolds - Kenneth Wamsley Gloucester District Cricket Association2nd Grade8 1 Old Bar
952 Sam Eggins - Mitchell Handsaker Old Bar Cricket Club3rd Grade7 1 Wingham White
1037 Mitchell Handsaker - Steven Clark Old Bar Cricket Club3rd Grade2 1 Wingham Blue

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